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It has been noted elsewhere that the Virgin Islands’ St. John exerts a mysterious hold over its inhabitants. Take this story, for instance, about a woman who threw away a high-paying job to serve ice cream on St. John – and has never been happier. Or these brothers.

Even our story bears repeating.

One intrepid writer has given this state a name: St. John addiction. The first symptom may be familiar to you:

You might be a St. John Addict if you suffer from the following symptoms:

You have a countdown calendar tracking how many “sleeps” until you get back on island.

We can help. One of the surest ways to cure St. John addiction is to satiate it, by swallowing the island whole in a single perfect day on the water. Our boat rentals give you vistas of St. John you can get anywhere else, as well as tours and glimpses of of some little known inlets and beaches.

St. John addicts are everywhere. We’re some of them. Come and join us and see what all the fuss is about!

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