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The list of reasons our fair islands are such coveted vacation destinations is long and storied: no passport required, no language barrier, and no sacrifices in comfort, to name a few.

This article goes on to sing the many praises of the Virgin Islands in a few hundred more words, beginning with this promising opener:

Combine the beauty of the tropics — windswept beaches, whispering palms, sun, surf, and sand — with the conveniences of domestic travel, and you have the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI).

Beyond the matter of convenience, there is the absolute security of living and dining to U.S. standards – without any of the nasty weather that can make traveling stateside such a slog:

Phillip Shannon, president of St. Thomas-based Caribbean Tour Services, a destination management company operating on all three U.S. Virgin Islands, says there are many advantages to being a U.S. territory, including clean water and FDA food standards. “Plus, you can go out and enjoy the destination day or night,” he explains. “For an island that’s 13 miles long and four miles wide, St. Thomas is really diverse. We have more activities than any other Caribbean destination, and island hopping is really popular.”

That’s where we come in. The best way to see all the islands is by renting a boat on St. Thomas or St. John. Our private boat rentals include everything you need for a perfect day – great seating, great captains, and an absolutely exhaustive knowledge of this area and its many secret vistas.

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