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St John Boat Rental Pic
We love every last thing about running the #1 ranked St. John boat rental outfit in the Virgin Islands. The days are bright, the guests are wonderful, and of course these islands rank among the most beautiful places on earth.

Building lifelong memories is what our St. John boat charters are all about. But memories can mean far more than hazy recollections. They can also take the form of stunning photography, including aerial pics of the glittering Caribbean.

Our Flickr page offers just a few glimpses of what Sonic Charters has in store for you and your guests when you arrive here: spotless boats, fun-loving captains, and countless luxury touches to ensure everyone spends the day comfortable and entertained.

Check out our full photostream for a look at what makes Sonic such a popular choice across the USVI. And when you’re ready to book a St. John boat charter of your own, just call us up today.

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