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Our customers come to us with different ideas of what they want from a vacation. The beauty of chartering a boat through Sonic Charters is that we can meet their individual needs.

For example, some of our clients are looking for extreme sports and adventure. They want to splash through the waves, snorkel in the best spots, and experience heart-racing water sports. Sonic Charters understands this, and we promise to give you a thrilling ride.

Others are attracted to our company because we offer luxurious accommodations set in the backdrop of pristine views. They want to take periodic leisurely dips in the tranquil water. They want to listen to music as they roll gently through the waves. They want to stop periodically to sun themselves on the beach. 

Regardless of the type of travel you enjoy, our accommodating captains can give you a perfect day out on the water. Whether you like adventure or luxury, the United States Virgin Islands is the ideal place for you to visit. 

Were else but the USVI can you leave from the beach and see to the bottom of 20 feet of water? Where else can you experience world-class snorkeling and pristine beaches? Where else can you book the best private boat tours in the Caribbean?

Contact Sonic Charters to book a private tour of the USVI. It will be the highlight of your trip

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