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With the innovation of some great new gadgets, travel just got a whole lot smarter. If you’re sick of stumbling your way through airports juggling your belongings, how about implementing the techniques of the world’s most seasoned travelers. Here are the latest and greatest things pros are doing to help their trip go that much smoother:

1. They’re keeping the kids occupied while in the airport

Micro Lazy Luggage is the rolling carry-on that lets your kid ride through the airport to the next gate. Of course, when you get there, it’s all up to you to try and keep them reined in.

2. They’re chronicling their adventures in a whole new way.

A travel drone is the brand new way to video your trip, and it’s a must in the Virgin Islands. When you’re surrounded by water, you’ve just got to get that on camera. Grab that shot of your wife’s first time water skiing or the the kids snorkeling from a whole new angle.

3. They’re making connecting with friends easier

Go hiking without losing your travel companions, no matter how remote your trek takes you. This lightweight device lets you tell them you’re heading for the next overlook while they stay on the beach.

4. They’re listening to music while floating in the sparkling water

PoolPOD is the cool speaker that floats along next to you in the swimming pool. (Of course, if you’re in one of our boats, your speakers will always be with you as you zip through the clear water.)

5. They’re not drinking warm beer.

Because they’re drinking out of the red Solo cup that keeps your beer cold in the hot sun. Ok, maybe it’s not an actual red Solo cup, but this koozie looks like one. Now that’s cool.

6. They’re stowing their cash without adding layers

The nifty compartments found in the Clever Tank Top lets wearers stash cash in hidden pockets, while still wearing appropriate tropical clothing.


7. They’re keeping their smartphone safe from waves

Protect your phone through all your outdoor water activities with a Lifeproof case. Now you can speed over the waves without fear.

8. They’re getting an even tan without straining their neck

With this ergonomic pillow, you can finally lie facedown in the sand (and actually stay comfortable). It even comes with a place to discreetly store your valuables when you want to stroll down to the water’s edge.


9. They’re carrying less luggage

Get your clothes packed in smaller with a handy travel vacuum that removes all the air and maximizes your space. That translates to less in baggage fees, which is a win in our book.



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