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What is your favorite way to relax?

Ready to laze away the summer in the Virgin Islands? Here’s a list of relaxing tropical activities to get you started.

  1. Tropical Yoga on a Paddleboard

Transform your perspective by taking a yoga class – on a paddleboard. What better way to find inner peace than floating over crystalline waters, surrounded by tropical sights ands sounds? Whether you’re honeymooning, or with a group of friends, this is a must. Striking a pose on a paddleboard is uniquely challenging, meaning completing the class is empowering. Plus, get your workout on after eating and drinking a bit too much on vacation.

  1. Sleep (Almost) on the Water in the BVI

Rent your own beachfront luxury tent (think hut) at the Anegada Beach Club. Experience an unforgettably unique morning waking up in a hut, with nothing but ocean to see. Bask in the seclusion, swing in a hammock, feel the sea breeze from your hut, and step right off the deck into the sand. You’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the world gazing out over endless deep blue ocean and sky. Relax, eat Anegada lobster, hit the beach bar, and relax some more.

  1. Relax to a Caribbean Massage

Pursue health and relaxation with a deep tissue Caribbean massage. Get out from under the stress of it all with Zunzun Caribbean massage, warm stone therapy, or a couple’s massage.

Whether you’re tired, feeling pain, or just want to unwind, a massage in a tropical environment can be just the touch you need.

  1. Relax by a Floating Bar in Honeymoon Beach

From St. Thomas, head over (by ferry or charter) to Honeymoon Beach at Water island for a great experience. Honeymoon is laid back and quieter than other popular beaches, with relaxing hammocks and food trucks. Try something from the floating bar and hang out in the water with your drink. Play the beach games like cornhole. And look toward the water for a sea turtle or two.

  1. Relax Way Up High

Breathe in the mountain-high views on Paradise Point. Ride the sky ride, and take in the beautiful glimpses of Charlotte Amalie. Relax and enjoy a creamy Baileys Bushwacker drink while gazing out over the view from the observation deck. Bring a camera and get ready to capture your new profile pic – it’s stunning!

  1. Kick Back in a Healthy Zen Coffee Bistro

Relax and be in the moment in the eclectic atmosphere of the Barefoot Buddha. Sit on the couches or outdoor seating in Havensight, St. Thomas. Eat clean and healthy fare, have a handcrafted cup of coffee, or try a highly antioxidant smoothie.

Heads up: You’ll be asked via multiple signs to get off your phone lest you disturb the zen.

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