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On the fence about whether or not to take a vacation this year? Your health may be giving you clues as to the answer. Here are 6 signs you’re over-stressed … and overdue for a vacation in the Virgin Islands:

  1. The Symptom: Headaches or migraines that last all weekend.
  1. The Symptom: Feeling overwhelmed.
  • The Cure: Exercise boosts your mood and helps clear your head. Go for a sunset beach stroll at Trunk Bay in St. John, named by the Travel Channel as one of the Top 10 Caribbean Beaches.
  1. The Symptom: Decreased productivity at work
  • The Cure: Turn off your phone and take some time out to recharge. Charter a St. Thomas boat (we recommend our luxury Sea Ray Sundancer!) and head over to the Soggy Dollar Jost Van Dyke beachside bar for a Painkiller cocktail.

  1. The Symptom: Stomach pains or heartburn.
  • The Cure: Evaluate your diet. Get back to nature with freshly grown produce: If you book your trip 125 days in advance, the Eco Serendib Villa will plant seeds suited to your tastes and harvest a custom garden when you arrive. Talk about a great way to de-stress!
  1. The Symptom: Irritability
  • The Cure: Studies show that faking a smile actually works to improve your mood. Put on a happy face and go out exploring in a glass-bottom kayak at Frenchman’s Reef.

  1. The Symptom: Tiredness
  • The Cure: Sometimes, there’s nothing like a caffeine fix (in small amounts) to boost your energy. Staying in St. Thomas? Check out the infamous Lattes in Paradise or Virgin Islands Coffee Roasters.

Be kind to yourself. Next time you’re feeling stressed, head down to the Virgin Islands where everyone smiles year-round!

This above is not medical advice. Consult your doctor with any symptoms.

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