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Plan a Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Where are your travel plans taking you this summer? If you’re headed to any of the fun-filled, gorgeous islands comprising the Virgin Islands, you’re in for a real treat. Here’s how to make it stress-free for everyone, so you can sit back and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

1. Do your research early.
Start by planning as much as possible before you ever leave home. Find out if there are any local festivals, and what types of seafood the fishermen target this time of year. Learn where Yelp reviewers say is the best place for happy hour, a romantic dinner, and a nature trek. You certainly don’t want the hassle of deciding where to eat each night, where the local grocery store is, and where to find kid-friendly activities once you get there.

2. Leave work at work.
Allocate two weeks before your departure to letting everyone in the office know you’ll be unavailable on your vacation. Try to wrap up any projects a few days early, and give timeframes that fall after your return for taking on new assignments. Be clear, friendly, and firm, with frequent reminders. It may feel harsh, but you’ll return more relaxed, refreshed, and better able to approach your work with a clear head.

3. Pack well.
Start packing early, so you can mull over several days of getting ready to see what all you really use in a given day. Keep a running list and add to it as you get ready each morning. Don’t forget things like prescriptions, your passport for the BVI, and sneakers for more active outings. Pack your carry-on as an overnight bag in case your luggage is temporarily lost.

4. Make meals easy.
Once you arrive, make sure everyone’s truly on vacation. Saving money by cooking in your vacation rental may seem budget-savvy. But if you’re spending hours each day prepping meals and cleaning up the kitchen, you’re losing out on part of your vacation investment. Be sure your vacation kitchen is well-stocked with coffee, snacks, and grab-and-go breakfast items, but count on finding your other meals out and about.

5. Ditch the social media.
Make a solemn vow to resist posting the breathtaking tropical views real-time. There will be plenty of time to chronicle your adventures in the airport when it’s time to head back home.

6. Stop planning and enjoy.
Once you’re finally in the islands, it’s time to throw planning out the window and just enjoy. Leave plenty of room for spontaneity in your trip. After all, you can never truly anticipate all that’s waiting for you in the islands until you actually arrive.

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