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Find Ways to Relieve Stress in the Virgin Islands

 After surviving winter, sickness, and seasonal affective disorder, what you need is a break. Not a staycation, but a full-blown getaway spending quality time doing nothing. So turn off the alarm clock, pack your swimsuit, and head to the tropics. Here are 5 ways to relax in the Virgin Islands:

  1. Cold Weather Detox

With tropical temperatures reaching the balmy 80’s year-round, the Virgin Islands are the perfect cure following a long winter of wool coats and drab skies. Hit the sand and surf and spend your days lounging in the sun.


  1. The Power of Doing Nothing

The importance of unplugging has been grossly undervalued in our culture. And yet, it’s good for the self to stop doing and disengage. The University of Gothenburg in Sweden found proof that staying forever plugged in is associated with stress, loss of sleep and depression. So ditch the technology and unwind in the tropical paradise that is the Virgin Islands.


  1. Practice Mindfulness on the Beach

Experience the ultimate in relaxation by practicing mindfulness at the beach. Focus your mind on taking in all that’s happening around you, and set the stage to experience life fully. Through mindfulness, you can both decrease your stress, and take some tranquil relaxation home. Once you learn to apply mindfulness techniques, not only does your stress decrease, but you also learn how to better handle life’s stressful situations with composure.


  1. Ground Yourself Using the 5 Senses

Feel the texture of sand, hear the sound of the waves, smell the saltwater, see bright vibrant blooms, and taste the sumptuous tropical fare for an all-around sensory revamp.


  1. Choose Your Best Experience

  • Head to Emerald Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on Thomas. Its calm waters make for a perfect day of swimming, wading, and snorkeling. And Charlotte Amalie, with all its bustling life, good eats, and shopping is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.
  • Secret Harbour Beach of Thomas is a solitary place to get away from it all, with superior snorkeling and gorgeous sunsets.
  •  If you prefer less tourism and more unspoiled nature, John is a natural beauty, protected largely by national parkland. Check out Watermelon Cay for exquisite reef snorkeling in the east. To the south is Lameshur Bay, requiring a tough (but rewarding) trek through nature.


While enjoying islands from the coast is certainly worthwhile, there’s nothing quite like taking a personal boat out onto the crystal clear waters and enjoying the Caribbean beauty from the sea. Reserve your day on a Luxury Sea Ray Sundancer with Sonic Charters St. Thomas, top-rated boat rental company in the Virgin Islands. For $100 off a Luxury Sea Ray Sundancer rental, use Coupon Code: CRUISE18.


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