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We wish all our travelers well while they’re exploring our beautiful Virgin Islands. But these days, with the rampant spread of info via technology (ahem, social media), it’s the wise person who takes a few precautions before heading down with reckless abandon to sun ‘neath the swaying palm trees.

According to Time Magazine, 78% of thieves use social media to gain intelligence for their next break-in. Your social media footprint tells a lot about you… including the deets on your vacation, if you’re not careful.


Hey, we get it – it’s only natural to want to brag a little on your adventures. That’s why, for your safety, we’ve composed a list of what NOT to do when you’re traveling to the islands.


1. Don’t post photos of your boarding pass.

It contains all the info needed for someone (jerky) to act on your behalf and change your travel arrangements. What’s more, a simple app can scan the QR code and have access to your preciously hoarded frequent flyer miles.


2. Don’t post photos of your passport.

Heading to the British Virgin Islands? (Ahh…Tortola, The Baths of Virgin Gorda…. You’re going to LOVE it!) Just be sure not to post a photo of your passport. It’s not a great idea, for obvious reasons.


3. Don’t give away the times and dates you’ll be traveling on social media.

It’s best to err on the side of caution instead of broadcasting when your house will be vacant.


4. Turn off geo-tagging.

If you’re already taking pains to be discreet about where you’re traveling, just be sure Facebook isn’t automatically giving away the secret for you.


5. Check your social settings to be sure you’re not set to “Public” – and thereby telling the world your business.


And if you want a fail-proof solution, just wait till you return home to brag. There’s no harm in sharing photos and exciting stories to your heart’s content when you’re back home to check on things.

Be Safe and Happy Travels!




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