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Want to plan the perfect summer getaway this year? It’s all about figuring out your travel goals. Once you identify your likes, dislikes, and expectations, you can hone in on a trip that’ll leave you returning home happy and refreshed.

 Ready to get started? Here are 5 questions to ask to plan your ideal summer getaway in the Virgin Islands.

  1. Do you prefer adventure or relaxation?

Are you the type who likes to hit as many new places as possible in a day? If you’re an adventure-seeker, snorkel the tunnels, ledges, and caves surrounding St. Thomas and St. John, and the sunken ships of the British Virgin Islands. And if being constantly on the go isn’t your idea of a dream vacation? Pick your favorite beach and soak up the sun in once place. Have a picnic, fly a kite, or sip a cocktail while gazing out over refreshing ocean views.


  1. Do you want fun for the whole family or hopping nightlife?

For family fun, spend the day exploring the islands’ many ocean gardens, nature trails, and watersports. Wade the clear waters and walk the sugary sands of St. John’s Francis Bay and Hawksnest Beach. And if you want a night out, find the ultimate night scene among the live bands, dancing, and karaoke of St. Thomas. Take your pick from the best spots of Havensight, Red Hook, Frenchtown, and Charlotte Amalie.


  1. When it comes to dining and cocktails, do you prefer to try as many restaurants as possible, or choose a couple you love and stick with them?

Take your pick among the many beach bars, dive bars, and wine tastings in the Virgin Islands. Try the local seafood, have dinner overlooking a bay, or grab a burger at a hole-in-the-wall joint lauded by locals.


  1. Do you love popular hubs, or quiet, isolated getaways?

If you enjoy being where the party is happening, it’s easy to find your dream hangout in the Virgin Islands. From the shallow waters where all the charter boats line up and play, to the ports where the best shopping is, to the happy hour everyone raves about, you can always find the festivities. And if peace and quiet is your thing, pick a secluded, lesser-known locale among the islands (hint: it won’t be ones advertised in the cruise brochures). Or just ask your boat captain how to get far, far away from it all. They’ll know just the place, guaranteed.


  1. Do you prefer scheduled activities with itineraries, or do you just want to get in a boat and see where you wind up?

From scuba diving to zip lining to aerial tours and horseback riding, there’s no end to the scheduled fun you can pack into your itinerary. And if you prefer running as free as your untamed whims? Grab your sunscreen and sunglasses, and tell your boat charter captain. They’ll be able to custom-develop a private tour that matches your dream of the ideal getaway.




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