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The Virgin Islands are unlike anywhere else, and are a favorite destination of nature lovers. From breathtaking sights to intoxicating sounds and aromas, visiting the Virgin Islands is an unforgettable sensory experience. There’s still time to get back in nature and explore the Virgin Islands this summer. Check out just a few of the unique experiences that are common in the Virgin Islands.

1. Inquisitive Donkeys and Other Unique Wildlife

First-time visitors are often quite captivated by our free-roaming donkeys. Take a boat ride out to St. John and see them for yourself in the Cinnamon Bay area and Coral Bay. Just be sure to leave them alone and respect their space!

Interested in other unique wildlife sightings? Keep an eye out for goats anywhere on St. John, from backyards to the side of the road, particularly around Coral Bay. Watch also and you might spot a mongoose on the trails and around trees. Another spectacular sight is an iguana, especially when it’s a larger one. And since an adult iguana can reach up to four feet long, a sighting can certainly cause a double take.

2. Whales Under the Sea

Grab a snorkel and explore an entire world of brilliant marine life sights, just below the surface. Find anything from sharks to dolphins, coral and sea turtles, porcupine fish, hawk fish, squirrel fish, fairy basslet, and barracuda. Colorful parrotfish are often quite common in this area, named for the parrot-like appearance of their jaw teeth. And if you find yourself in the right at place the right time, you might be even able to do some whale watching. February and March are popular whale watching months, as a sighting is more likely during their annual migration.

3. Nature’s Greenhouse

The first thing visitors usually notice about the Virgin Islands is the bright colors. Thanks to the many flowers throughout the Virgin Islands, vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and magentas abound. If you’re heading down this summer, look for the orange flowers of the Flamboyant tree. Also watch for wild growing Frangipani, fragrant Plumeria alba, colorful orchids, bold hibiscus, long-flowering bougainvillea, and more. It’s like walking into a tropical paradise adorned in a rainbow of colors.

4. Tropical Nocturnal Sounds

While you’re visiting this summer, pay attention to the rich, intoxicating sounds of the Virgin Islands. At night, especially after it rains, listen for the tree frogs to lull you into a calm, meditative state. And each morning, just before dawn, you’ll hear tropical birds waking up and calling to each other in a delightful symphony – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

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