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There are two types of travelers: tourists who prefer bustling hangouts, and travel enthusiasts who want a legitimate, off-the-beaten path travel experience.

If your idea of perfection is spending your getaway surrounded by secluded beaches, crystalline turquoise waters teeming with vibrant reefs, and limitless adventure, this guide is for you.


To attain the status of a pro traveler who doesn’t go for touristy attractions, skip these four locales:

  1. The Crowds

The Virgin Islands are tremendously popular, for obvious reasons. They’re a dream haven, a tropical paradise reprieve from the hustle and bustle we all kowtow to. For that reason, it’s a good idea to take some time to figure out how to avoid the crowds. Escape the masses with these tips:

-Study the cruise schedule to avoid popular areas at peak times.

– Skip the crowded ferry, and rent your own boat.


  1. Chain Restaurants

Resist the urge to go for familiar fast food chains and taste some true Caribbean flavors. Delve into the intoxicating traditional foods of the islands, known for luxurious dishes ranging from dasheen to cassava to fried plaintains, stewed oxtail, and gooseberry stew. Discover resident-favorite markets and restaurants incorporating rich local spices and sweet fruits.

  1. Busy Activities

Skip the pre-packaged tours and get away from it all: Escape to a pristine island and soak up luxurious nature. There’s no better way to island hop on your schedule than with a boat charter. Your native boat captain can show you the best local haunts, out-of-the-way coves, and the lesser-known beaches to explore. Pro travelers love:

-Parrot Bay, St. John – a great place to enjoy white sandy beaches.

-Mermaid’s Chair Beach, St. John, North Shore. You’ll need a boat to be able to access this small inlet.

  1. Popular Snorkeling Spots

Sadly, highly trafficked snorkeling spots have had an impact on underwater life. Head out to the dive spots off the beaten path. Hire a boat charter and seek out the coral and brightly colored fishes of:

-Cinnamon Bay Beach for lesser-known, fantastic snorkeling.

-Kiddel Bay, St. John. Snorkel along the western shoreline. Explore caves and striking arches teeming with underwater wildlife.



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