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Check Out This List of Many Things to Do While in the British Virgin Islands

Looking for the hottest, freshest, most rejuvenating escapades in the British Virgin Islands? There’s no shortage of sights to see, nature to explore, and beaches to comb. The only challenge is in finding the time to do it all. Ask your boat captain for recommendations, free up your schedule for impromptu excursions, and sit back and enjoy this list of exhilarating things to do in the British Virgin Islands.

  1. Boat up to Anegada’s Settling Point harbor and dine on the infamous lobster.
  2. Visit The Bat Cave, a large boulder and built-in cave on a ridge of the northern shore of Tortola, and take in the sweeping oceanic views.
  3. Trek up Sage Mountain, Tortola, the highest point in all of the Virgin Islands, and capture panoramic views of all the islands.
  4. Spend a day basking in the sun on the calm shore of Flash of Beauty beach on Anegada.
  5. Comb over 300 shipwrecks at Horseshoe Reef.
  6. See the shock of pink flamingoes among the salt ponds of Anegada.
  7. Attend a Caribbean-style fire festival on Beef Island.
  8. Make a wish and toss a conch shell onto Conch Island.
  9. Look for iguanas on Anegada.
  10. Sip a blender drink on the infamous Cow Wreck Beach, and enjoy the breathtaking views.
  11. Go bonefishing in Anegada. What is bonefishing? Fishing for bonefish.
  12. Find your inner peace with a luxuriously minty foot massage at Scrub Island Resort Spa.
  13. Go snorkeling among the three caves off Norman Island and catch sight of brilliantly colored tropical fish and coral.
  14. Lounge on the beach with a drink in your hand, all day if you want, on Norman Island.
  15. Get a glimpse of (and photograph) the lofty cliffs of Ginger Island.
  16. Check out the towering boulders of Virgin Gorda.
  17. Kayak your way around Prickly Pear.
  18. Go fishing off the rocky beach at Shark Bay in Tortola.
  19. Try your hand at parasailing over the small islands of Moskito and Necker.
  20. Jump off the rock into the turquoise water at Spring Bay and explore the secret cave.
  21. Experience the serene calm and crashing waves on the quiet beach of Spring Bay.
  22. Sample a house-infusion or rare aged rum at the Rum Bar of Cooper Island Beach Club.
  23. Take a stroll on the beach of Loblolly Bay.
  24. Toast a special memory with your beloved in the middle of the blue ocean at sunset. Ask your boat captain to bring champagne for the toast!
  25. Sample some fresh, warm banana bread at a BVI bakery.
  26. Explore the RMS Rhone of Salt Island, the popular dive site featured in the movie “The Deep.”
  27. Check out the beautiful Windlass Bight beach of Anegada, situated apart from the typical tourist bustle.

This article was originally posted on Sonic Charters. May 2018

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