Coming to St. Thomas or St. John and want to catch some waves? Sonic Charters offers the best surfing trips around St. Thomas, St. John, and the British Virgin Islands, hands down.

Our knowledgeable captains can get you out onto the waves in a matter of minutes, including some favorite spots you won’t find in the travel guides. Our powerboats can move you fast enough to follow the surf as it shifts, whisking you and your party to each hot spot as the opportunities arise.

Some of our favorite surf spots include:

Hull Bay – St. Thomas

Hull Bay is a favorite for St. Thomas surfing enthusiasts — a “local” surf spot where our captains unjoy full access as regulars on this break.

Cane Garden Bay – Tortola

Located in the British Virgin Islands, Cane Garden Bay is one of the most famous surf spots in the Virgin Islands. The surf break at Cane Garden Bay is at the mouth of the bay, a considerable paddle from shore — all the more reason to let Sonic drop you in!

Apple Bay – Tortola

Apple Bay is known for some of the best waves in the Caribbean during the season (November-March). Located on the Northwest part of Tortola, it’s surrounded by attractions whenever you need a break.