Renting a boat on St. John presents challenges and possibilities, not to mention an endless series of options. With so many to choose from, you may wonder whether there are any important differences between your choices.

In fact there are. This handy guide is designed to help you wade through the noise and home in on a choice that suits your budget, wishes, and goals for the visit. Let’s start with the basics: numbers.

What Size is Your Party?

St. John boat rentals come in a number of different forms and guises, and some of these options may include boats that are simply too small for your group. Although most rental boats can accommodate up to seven passengers, you may find the occasional outlier that can’t make the haul. Be sure and ask about capacity before anything else!

What Size Boat Do You Need?

Most people assume they want as much boat as possible. But there are pros and cons to every size. If your boat is too big, it may come with a hefty fee or minimum number of guests. Smaller boats can also maneuver into inlets and coves where larger boats may not. Plus there is an environmental cost to lugging more tonnage than is absolutely necessary. The moral: go big enough, but no bigger.

Let’s Talk Amenities

Now we get down to brass tacks. Rental boats in the Virgin Islands come with a broad array of available amenities, some of which may suit your interests better than others. Our boats are generously upholstered and come stocked with outstanding audio systems, dive doors and freshwater showers. But if you’re looking for something else, be sure to read the fine print for every vendor in the area.

Experience Matters

Not all sea captains are created equal. Here in St. John, boat rental captains run the gamut from greenhorns out on the waves for their very first summer, to salty dogs whose personal diaries read like a who’s who of USVI lore. Check with every charter company to find out who’s at the helm, how long they’ve been guiding tours, and whether they have any special knowledge of the region. (Our captains know every inch of St. John and its surroundings, which is why we constantly get reviews like this.)

The Perfect Itinerary

Don’t be afraid to solicit the expertise of others. Planning the perfect itinerary on St. John requires a good working knowledge of every beach and bay, as well as seasonal traffic patterns and trends. Here at Sonic Charters, we pore over weather reports and tourist data to uncover the best routes at the best times, guaranteed.

Rent the Right Boat in St. John

When you choose the right boat with the right captain on the right day, you can be certain that you’re stocking away a memory to last for years to come. To book your own boat rental today, please don’t hesitate to call the experts at Sonic.